Dolls House Decoration Prices

A stunning range of Dolls House Wallpapers and Miniature World coverings has been specially designed and produced in the highest quality material and a very manageable size for both indoor and outdoor decorative wallpaper for Dolls House and Miniature World applications.

These coverings consist of Dolls House Wallpapers, Wall Tiles, Wood Panelling , Floor Tiles, Floor Coverings, Outside Walls, Roof Tiles, and various types of Paving and Lawn effects. This new collection has been designed to be applied to both indoor and outdoor settings and will enhance the appearance when you decorate your Dolls House and Miniature construction.

GB Flag

United Kingdom


£3.99 per sheet Free Postage

Room Boxes

£9.99 per box + £2.99 Postage (One box)

USA Flag

USA & Canada


$5.99 per sheet

1-9 sheets : $15.07 p&p (total)

10 + : $19.18 p&p (total)

Room Boxes

$13.69 per box

1 box: $13.71 p&p (total)

2 box: $16.45 p&p (total)

3 box: $19.19 p&p (total)

4-10 box: $21.93 p&p (total)

Europe Flag

Ireland & Europe


4.99€ per sheet

1-9 sheets : 12.66€ p&p (total)

10 + sheets : 16.12€ p&p (total)

Room Boxes

11.51 per box

1 box: 11.52p&p (total)

2 box: 13.82€ p&p (total)

3 box: 16.13p&p (total)

4-10 box: 18.43p&p (total)